Sonia Raco

Founder of the Executive

Women’s Wellness Society  

“I want to create a movement that empowers women to prioritise their mental and emotional health and to adopt a mindset of being limitless.”


Hi, I’m Sonia.


I am the founder of the Executive Women’s Wellness Society. I am also the proud President of Myriam Cottage, which is a crisis home supporting the mental health of women and those who are escaping domestic violence.

I am an author, holistic counsellor, wellness coach, kinesiologist, master hypnotherapist, master neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, emotional freedom tapping (EFT) practitioner, business mentor, podcaster, influencer & speaker.

I have just written the Strong Mind, Fearless Heart journal to help empower and support women’s mental and emotional health.

My therapy dog Leo and I work purposefully together in a non-clinical environment to help women become mindful of their worthiness, embrace success and heal their mind, body and spirit.

I specialise in coaching women to find their inner harmony through empowerment. Despite the challenges women face today, I believe they can achieve success in their career, health, relationships and spiritual life.

Much love,

Sonia xx


Assistance with:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Stress & Burnout
  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma
  • Domestic Violence
  • Managing Emotions
  • Family Relationships
  • Weight Loss
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Substance Abuse

 Counselling & Therapy:

  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching
  • Positive Psychology
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • EFT Tapping
  • Kinesiology
  • Mindfulness/Meditation


Supporting clients via NDIS payment scheme


Strong Mind, Fearless Heart Program

Strong Mind, Fearless Heart Program

Strong Mind, Fearless Heart is a holistic therapeutic program that has been designed to support your mental and emotional wellbeing. Delivered in a group setting and as individual support to help you focus on working towards your personal goals and nurture your mental...


How I Came Back From Burnout and So Can You

How I Came Back From Burnout and So Can You

“The real word for stress is fear. Whatever you are stressed about – anything at all – it is usually what you are frightened of” -Dr. Libby Weaver, Women’s Wellness Wisdom I am going to share with you a shocking statement; ‘stress isn’t real!’  Our bodies symptoms and...

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Avoid Burn Out

5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Avoid Burn Out

Are you feeling the burn?   Moving into the New Year it also seems a new way of the norm with Covid affecting many people’s mental health. It’s also left many businesses doing their own health checks, leaving some hundreds of talented and incredible women looking to...

Healthy Boundaries before Goal Setting

Healthy Boundaries before Goal Setting

This time of year most of us focus on #goalsetting. By now I would have already designed a vision board of #goals but this year I wanted to have a different strategy on how to kick some serious goals in 2021. I found myself mixing it up by creating #healthyboundaries...


"Sonia is a genuine health & wellbeing expert and I admire her passion for empowering, coaching women and growing the EWWS Society. Sonia has the ability to handle multiple projects and constantly come up with new creative ideas. Sonia is kind, smart, calm, motivated, open to feedback, VERY inspiring and committed. I highly recommend Sonia as someone I trust and look to for guidance and advice, both personally and professionally. Thank you for always bringing out the best in me and everyone you engage with."

Olivia Yeates

"Sonia is a switched on operator who has been my liaison with Stowe for the past two years. Never failing to deliver and always going the extra mile to make things happen. Highly recommended, and an asset for any company."

Luke Richmond

"I had a blast on the Executive Women's Wellness Society Podcast with Sonia. She is an authentic leader and has organically grown her tribe with her warmth and passion for women's wellness. Sonia is also an incredible speaker, she engages the crowd instantly with her warm, loving and charismatic nature. Reach out to Sonia if you are looking for a fun speaker and want to learn more about your team's emotional and mental health "

Samantha Jayne

"Sonia is an incredible event organizer and an engaging speaker. It has been a great pleasure to collaborate and learn oh so much from Sonia about emotional well-being and mental health. In particular, I am blown away by the insights and stories that Sonia shares about anxiety and how we can cure ourselves for good. Moreover, she has been doing amazing work with supporting and aiding the community with The Executive Womens Wellness Society. I highly recommend following Sonia. And, if you are an event organizer, don't miss out on engaging this super star!"

Mariya Radysh

"Sonia has a rare combination of being highly driven and successful, and at the same time being extremely compassionate and kind. She is a champion of women, and goes out of her way to help and support others through her Executive Women's Wellness society. Sonia is incredibly inspiring; I have heard her speak many times, and she makes everyone in the audience feel as though she's speaking to them directly. She is authentic and down to earth, and I consider myself very fortunate to be part of her community."

Liv Wilson

Hey Beautiful,

Let me help you feel supported in your emotional and mental wellbeing, and start believing you're good enough and live a life filled with Love, Inspiration, and Worthiness.

With love, Sonia x