It’s my mission to:

“Create a movement whereby Women are recognised and rewarded, empowered and united in what we do and all while looking after our Wellbeing.”

The Executive Women’s Wellness Society is an established group that empowers and unites women to look after their wellbeing in the workplace and most importantly in their life.
I coach so many women who are dealing with the juggle and struggle in life. I witness them push themselves to exhaustion, burn out and stress overload. I see them lose control over their lives because they are just pushing themselves unnecessarily.
I created this support network to be a sacred and intimate space where women can feel supported, network and make a genuine connection with like-minded women who care about looking after their health and wellbeing.

Hi Beautiful!

Thanks for being here, I am welcoming you with open and loving arms.

Once a month, I host the ‘Women’s Wellness Round Table’ which holds 15 women only and the topics of discussion are based on our Health, Wealth, Love & Relationships and Soul.

This forum was originally designed by me for my girlfriends, which with love and nurture, it organically grew to invite more soul sisters into this sacred and intimate space for women to support each other in their wellbeing journey.

The round table is designed to apply holistic therapies and workshop through the topic of the month with each other.

  I share, coach and mentor the group by demonstrating holistic techniques such as Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), Kinesiology Techniques, Meditation, Timeline Therapy and so much more.

In this space of connection, no judgements and open heart’s, we like-minded women gather together to celebrate and embrace in our feminine energy, empower one another, celebrate our wins and be that shoulder to lean on.

“Our body’s, mind and spirit crave that womanhood, sisterhood, soul-sister connection, and gathering in person on a monthly basis has created this ideal forum for women to come and be the best version of themselves”.

Take out some ‘me’ time and come and hang out with us, enjoy those deep belly laughs, connecting, networking and most of all feel the love in the room that we dish up and I promise that you will make friends and be back to join  us! 

So future soul-sister, are you ready to join this inspiring and admirable group of women?

All you need to do show up – for yourself!

Round Table Dates

In Person



Women In Business Round Table

Have you heard of that saying you are the average of the 5 people you hang around?

Stepping into your own business is one of the most exciting and scariest things you can do in your life and right now if you are a woman in business you need to sore like an eagle rather than surround yourself with turkeys! 

As a business owner, I understand the challenges women face when stepping into their own businesses and I am passionate about supporting and sharing my knowledge with women on a similar journey.

I created this round table event to help business women step into their personal power to embrace and grow their businesses.

The group is an intimate sacred, confidential and non-judgmental space, whereby women  can mentor each other on how to run successful businesses and keep well while doing so.

I will personally mentor the group to break limiting beliefs, strategise around avoiding overwhelm and burnout,  clear emotional blocks that stagnate growth, silence our inner critic on feeling not good enough, recognise self-sabotage, share content and resources.

This group is for women in all industries and it will specialise in being mentored by successful and influential women in business. The group will become a cheerleading squad, a go to support system for women in business who are focused on growing both professionally and personally all while avoiding burnout!

To allow the group to feel supported there will only be a maximum of 10 people in this group.

When: 25 June 2022

Location: Hervey Bay 

Time: 10am -11am 

Bring a plate of morning tea to share with others.

Cost is $45.00 with some proceedings to be donated to Myriam Cottage in support of women in DV and facing homelessness.

If you can not attend in person, then I welcome you to join me online on the 21/6/22.




Finding Career Clarity, Create a life you love + Elevate your wellbeing

 Stay tuned, more info to come!




Money Mindset Mastery – Smash Money Blocks

Stay tuned, more info to come!




The Art of Manifestation – Get What You Want Now!

Stay tuned, more info to come!



Quit People Pleasing, Let Go of Expectations & Stand in your Personal Power

Stay tuned, more info to come!




Nourish your temple – Body, Mind + Soul Make Over

Stay tuned, more info to come!

I am here to remind you to be the boss of your life, be the ‘Executive’ of your life and create a life that you love and make it even better. Less stress, more inner peace, less exhaustion more rest and me time, less ignoring your bodies whispers to  ‘slow down’ and some more obeying…

Less is more!

The society runs networking events on a monthly basis covering all topics that affect women. If you would like regular updates on content or events, please feel free to subscribe to my website and join the society. Make a difference to supporting your health and the women around you.

Join the Executive Women’s Wellness Society now.