Breaking the Limits eCourse – In your  Love,  Money + Body

Do you feel like your mean girl is is self-sabotaging your  career, business or relationships?

Join me in this instantly downloadable unique e-course,  which was designed to share with your 4 powerful strategies on how to ‘Step Into Your Power’  to feel  empowerment & success in your career, business, relationships + body.

During our time together, we’ll uncover how to:

  • Break through your Limiting Beliefs that hold you back in your career, money , relationships and body blocks
  • Set up your goals and future pace using a Time Line Therapy Technique
  • Learn basic kinesiology self-muscle testing to be able to balance your body, thoughts, energy  and so much more
  • Learn EFT Techniques to help with limiting beliefs, emotional harmony and clearing self-sabotage blocks
  • Quieten the self-critic, change your mindset + get what you want
  • Find career clarity to  attract more clients, clear money, love and body  blocks
  • Embrace your self-love and create a sustainable ‘Self-Care’ plan
  • Set up your fool proof goals, experience life alignment + future pace your success

Breakthrough fear and step into your power to create a life that is bursting with love.

Together, we will breakthough fear and blocks to step into your power to live a even better life.

What you will receive:

Material and pdf workbooks on ‘Breaking the Limits’ and understanding what your triggers are and the limiting beliefs
Audio recording of Mini Meditation through out some modules
Access to the Executive Women’s Wellness Society Facebook network and content and material on wellbeing
Connect with like-minded women
Walk away feeling excited, energised and kick some goals in your life

Yep I am In!

Single Payment $169.00


for ‘Breaking the Limits’ Course

“Sonia has a beautiful energy around the works she does. The ½ day workshops are a powerful space to remind us of what is important. If you want to experience a breakthrough then do Sonia’s workshop! ”

Suzi Trajkosvki

“I thoroughly enjoyed Sonia’s session and I would highly recommend attending and learning new techniques to apply in your everyday life”

Nicola Applegate

Club Assist

“I came in today with knowing I had limiting self-beliefs. I leave today with breaking those limiting beliefs and vibrating at a new level. I would highly recommend this workshop to Executive Assistants or women who are seeking a breakthrough.”

Sarah Hammad

HR Manager, Construction

“The ½ day Wellness Workshop was a wonderful experience. I have been to other workshops of this nature, but Sonia has a warmth about her that made everyone feel involved and achieve what they came for ”

Shirley Harris

How will the online course work:

Simply click the below link and you will receive immediate access to the e-course material along with all the fab videos, and free, bonus content.

When can I start?

You can start straight away.

Feel free to participate in the e-course any way you choose how. This is all about you and setting aside time for yourself.

Yes please

Single Payment $169.00