An Invitation to Celebrate Your Wins!

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Blog, In the Media

Happy Monday.

I hope you are keeping well and safe.

This week I had a win in my biz.  But I had a doubtful moment if I should have shared this win with you as my ego decided to stomp on my parade and I found myself saying ‘Who cares if you had a win?!”. 

I had to talk myself out of this negative head space.

The truth is that I absolutely love hearing when other people have wins in their biz and supporting one another in our work and in our life is the entire purpose of the Executive Women’s Wellness Society.

So ego aside, this week I was featured in the Daily Telegraph on my work as an expert in coaching other side hustlers to success. It had me thinking that we need to share wins with one another and be proud of them.

I invite you to reply to this post and share with me a win that you have had recently in your biz or life. If you feel like you haven’t had a win, then share with me your goal for that win to happen and in turn I will offer you a 15min complimentary session to workshop that win. This offer is only for my community which means you.

If one of your goals is to have a win in your biz and network with like-minded women, then  join me for the next Women’s Wellness Round Table, the topic will be on how to Side Hustle to ‘Get Wealthy & Keep Healthy’.

I will share my blueprint on how stimulate the right mindset and how to network your way to success. I’ll also share 3 holistic strategies, including EFT tapping and the Do’s and Don’ts when starting a business or a Side Hustle.

Let’s keep celebrating wins together.