Are you feeling the burn?  

Moving into the New Year it also seems a new way of the norm with Covid affecting many people’s mental health. It’s also left many businesses doing their own health checks, leaving some hundreds of talented and incredible women looking to pivot in their businesses, careers and life.

“ I have coached many Executive women who have been feeling the burn from the burn out”. 

When it comes to the daily grind, we can feel the pressure to have it all in our health, career, business, finances, love and relationships, family and friendships. But what if all this is simply having us left feeling stress, anxiety and burn out?!

I do believe we can most definitely have it all, but not to the detriment of our health. SO, these are my 5 tips on how to reduce stress, create a life you love and start feeling your best;


Stop Comparing yourself to others, if you find yourself constantly comparing to others, protect yourself around social media, un-follow people who you compare to and start backing yourself up at work and in your life with positive chatter and self-love.

There is room for everyone in your industry, reach out and support those women who you may feel compared to, it may surprise you that they are also suffering with ‘comparisonitis’

Intuitive Dieting, is about ‘tuning in’ with what your body is asking for and also paying attention to stressful triggers that draw you to comfort eating. Generally most people really do know what a healthy diet looks like but if you trust your subconscious mind it has the intelligence to source vitamins and minerals from foods it needs.

Morning and Evening Routines, When you feed your subconscious mind with gratitude and positive affirmations like the “I am” statements, your subconscious mind uses it as a directive to then distribute that energy to flow into your four bodies: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Setting up how you will feel for the day, can even affect your nights sleep.

Incorporate positive affirmations in your daily self-talk like “I am deserving…” or “I will..” to get the juices flowing for an abundant mindset.

Breathe into your health, it’s proven that deep breathing calms the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), relieving pain, improving concentration, lowers anxiety and boosts the immune system. Remember, when feeling stressed, just breathe – literally!

Move your body, when we don’t move our body, clustered body cells can potentially cause illness and disease. Move your body, dance, sing, walk and remember express gratitude for the love of your body and thank it for being able to do all the things it does.

Boundaries around Social Media, set technology boundaries that work for you to help avoid stress and burn out i.e. conclude all social media by 7pm every night and keep your boundaries consistent.

 Avoiding burnout is more than just a a self-care ritual of a hot bath or massage (even thought those things can be divine). It’s about routines that keep you well everyday and paying attention to the whispers of your body.

For more tips download Sonia’s e-book on how to ‘Stress Less & Avoid Burnout’ or listen to the Executive Women’s Wellness Society Podcast to hear the latest trending topics on Women’s Health & Wellbeing at

Article written by Sonia Petersen, Founder of the Executive Women’s Wellness Society.

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